Located in central Orange County, Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County works to restore quality of life to your geriatric, injured, overweight, postoperative, and neurological or otherwise compromised pet through physical therapy. Our caring team of certified rehabilitation experts will help your dog (or cat) to feel stronger, move better and be safer. Our goals at Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County are to relieve pain, restore range of motion/movement, improve function, prevent injuries and expand the physical potential of each patient we treat.

Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County was designed to offer state of the art therapy to pets in need without the stress and fears many patients have associated with pet hospital visits. Our expansive facility is situated on over a third of an acre at a doggy day-care in Newport Beach and is equipped with laser therapy, dry treadmill, underwater treadmill, outdoor pool, a cavaletti rail course and various size balance balls and exercise equipment. We structure each therapy session to achieve maximum results to each individual patient. The center has a very mellow, calming atmosphere that we know our patients enjoy.

Our Services

These are the services that we provide. Call us if you have questions or would like more information.


Underwater Treadmill and Swimming.

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This treatment stimulates small bundles of nerve endings which can decrease muscle tension and inflammation.

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Inclines, exercise balls and rolls, carts, steps, cavaletti rails, obstacles, resistance bands, tugs, weave poles, and balance/wobble boards, to name a few.

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Home Care

Each patient is provided with a customized home care plan which includes an exercise regimen, massage, stretching routines, and/or a diet and supplement plan.

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Passive range of motion (PROM), Stretching and Massage

These exercises increase nutrition availability at the joint, stimulate new cartilage production, increase circulation and muscle flexibility.

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Balance and Proprioceptive Excercises

These exercises are used to help the animal shift their weight to the affected limb or side, and to help the animal know where their feet are in space, improving balance and coordination.

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