Our Philosophy


Physical rehabilitation applies human physical therapy techniques to dogs in order to: reduce and manage pain, treat injuries and reduce risk of further injury, restore and maintain movement and mobility, improve function for daily living, maximize physical potential, and improve athletic performance in canine sports.

Our mission

When an injury or illness happens, the body will act to protect the injured area. After only 2 weeks of decreased activity or disuse, ligaments lose strength and become less effective, muscles weaken, conditioning decreases, and tendons deteriorate. Physical rehabilitation works to rebuild this loss of strength and function. Rehabilitation can decrease healing time from a surgery or illness and get your pet back to normal faster.

Acute injury, debilitating disease, or even just "normal" aging can significantly decrease your dog's quality of life. Physical rehabilitation works to counteract the effects of these. Rehabilitation for the veterinary patient has the ability to renew your pet's lease on life. The focus of Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County is to lovingly improve every patient's quality of life. With every visit we strive to renew function so that your dog may be as independent in their daily life as possible. We carefully seek to provide pain-free movement. And we work so that each patient's physical ability and potential is maximized. Our goal is to renew joy and happiness in your dog and renew your relationship with your canine companion.

Physical rehabilitation is used to retrain nerves and muscles, to alleviate pain, and to help restore abilities lost due to injury or disease. With each pet, we focus on retraining the body (and mind) so that normal function can resume. We utilize a wide range of techniques so that each pet’s physiological and psychological needs are met. We provide support and tools for caring for your recovering pet at home and we customize our care to each pet and pet owner’s needs.

Our business hours


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Our Team

Rebecca Ringwald, DVM, CCRP, CVA

Dr. Ringwald’s extensive experience in small animal surgery led her to pursue advanced training and certification in canine rehabilitation at the University of Tennessee. Her goals for her patients are to eliminate pain and maximize patient mobility, function, and quality of life. She uses a multimodal approach, individualized for each patient’s needs and abilities. She and her staff strive to provide a comfortable and happy experience for their patients with hands-on attention, positive reinforcement, and a mentally and physically stimulating environment. Dr. Ringwald also recognizes the importance of owner involvement in their pet’s recovery and well being, and creates a home program of exercises and activities for each pet to enhance the hospital rehab. Dr. Ringwald enjoys spending her spare time with her husband, 3 sons, 2 dogs, and 5 cats.

Lauryn Harker, CCRP RVT

With years of experience in management, emergency medicine, and small animal care in pet hospitals throughout Orange County, Lauryn has found her niche in canine rehabilitation. A graduate of the University Of Tennessee School Of Veterinary Medicine Canine Rehabilitation Program, Lauryn has received her Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners (CCRP) License. Lauryn's got a special place in her heart for older pets and enjoys giving impromptu massages to many of Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County's elderly patients.

When Lauryn is not at Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County, she is an instructor at Orange County Veterinary Assitant School in Garden Grove. And in her spare time she likes to "rehabilitate" her mid-century ranch home with her husband and daughter.

Tiffany Downing

Thanks to her father’s encouragement as a child, Tiffany has pursued her love for animals of all types by delving into veterinary medicine. After losing her first dog, a Doberman Pinscher named "Razor", to heart failure, her goal became to provide the highest level of care for each of her patients in order to extend quality time with their owners. Tiffany graduated from Heritage College and earned her Registered Veterinary Technician license. When she is not at Canine Rehabilitation of Orange County running our Facebook and Instagram accounts or helping patients settle in for their treatments, she works as a treatment room nurse at The South Orange County Pet Hospital. Tiffany has a soft spot for large and bully breeds and is currently "mom" to a Dogo Argentino "Kratos", and a Pittie/Mystery Mutt "Crash", along with a menagerie of snakes, lizards, cats and monitors. Tiffany’s favorite part of working at our rehab facility is the weekly improvements she gets to witness as some of her favorite fur-friends recover from surgery.