Passive range of motion (PROM), Stretching and Massage

Passive range of motion (PROM), Stretching and Massage

Passive Range of Motion exercises involve moving joints in a given direction. The position is held for 2-3 seconds and should provide little to no discomfort to your pet. PROM helps maintain mobility of the joints and decreases the effects of disuse or limited use of joints.

After an injury, or even a hard day of play, it’s nice to relieve the muscles of any stiffness or pain. Proper stretching can increase your pets’ range of motion and flexibility, both of which are very useful for recovering from and preventing injuries.

Massage is by far our patient’s favorite part of the visit. So many of our patients give a sigh of relief and fall asleep during their massage, they truly enjoy it! Like a day at the spa!

Both massage and stretching have also been shown to improve circulation, decrease pain and anxiety, and help the body heal faster.

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