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Have a patient that needs Rehab?

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We're here to help!

CROC has been working closely with many Veterinary Specialists and General Practitioners in Orange County and surrounding areas since 2014. 

What you need to know:

CROC doesn't offer any of the services normally associated with a veterinary hospital. No diagnostics, no prescriptions, no imaging, not even nail trims. If it isn't rehab, we don't do it! When your patient requires these things, we send them right back to you.

Rehab Services Only

Cohesive care gives your patient the best chance at recovery. A complete medical history is vital for us to comprehensively evaluate your patient, so send us everything you've got! Once we have completed our Consultation and created a Treatment Plan, we will update you with all our findings and recommendations. Continuing to communicate regarding any changes to the patient's status allows us both to provide the highest quality care.

We Like to Stay in Touch


Our exams go beyond the presenting problem. We frequently find additional injuries, deficits, and comorbidities during our initial consultations. These variables can greatly impact our custom designed treatment plan or even our ability to proceed with rehab at all. We also evaluate their home exercise routine, diet, pain management, behavior and more. Because every detail matters.

Nose to Tail


Rehab isn't always the answer. We can't fix everything and as much as we wish it were, the Underwater Treadmill isn't a fountain of youth. Transparency is of utmost importance to us so when we find that a patient's condition isn't something we can help or maybe it's one that requires surgical correction first, we give your clients the honest truth. We know this allows them to use their resources in the most efficient way possible allowing your patient the best chance at recovery.

Patient First. Always.


At CROC, we aim to offer treatment modalities that have been clinically-proven to be safe and effective. You will not see modalities like Chiropractic or Ozone Therapy, among others, offered at CROC until substantial, peer-reviewed evidence is published stating that treatments such as these are medically helpful and safe when utilized appropriately. We are always keeping an eye out for any potentially helpful modalities to add to our available treatments but we are extremely careful about bringing in new therapies. For example, we recently added PEMF therapy under the premise that while it's effectiveness is anecdotal for now, it is an extremely benign and passive treatment.

Science Based Approach

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