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Getting Started

1. Everyone's top question:

What does Rehab Cost?

Check out our Services & Pricing to see exactly what our Consultations & Therapy Sessions cost and how long each appointment is.


We're proud to offer OC's lowest prices and all flat rates - no surprise costs!


2. Is CROC a good fit for you & your pet?

Visit the FAQ page for answers to questions like:

Can CROC help my dog?

How does the Consult work?

What if my dog doesn't like water?


3. Fill out your New Client & Patient Info forms, then call to schedule your Consultation Appointment

Completing our online forms before calling will expedite the booking process. Once we have processed your submitted forms, we will call you to schedule your pet's appointment.

White Husky


4. Evaluation & Therapy

During your Consultation, our Rehab Specialists will meet with you to discuss your pet's medical history, your questions, and goals for your pet's recovery. You will then leave your pet with us for approximately 1 hour, during which time we will be performing an extremely detailed evaluation. As long as it is safe to do so, your pet will also get their first treatments during this time.

Upon your return, we will have a Rehabilitation Treatment Plan including prescribed exercises for you to do with your pet at home and our recommendations for in-clinic therapy.

Ready to Get Started? 

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