By using an Underwater Treadmill, we can provide our patients with the opportunity to strengthen muscles while minimizing stress on the joints and bones. The warm water provides buoyancy and helps increase your dog's overall flexibility and range of motion. As the water level rises and the speed of the treadmill is changed, we can alter the level of resistance your dog experiences. The underwater treadmill is a wonderful, low impact workout that provides support to a recovering body and many of our pets who do not like to swim find the underwater treadmill enjoyable.

In many cases, dogs start to regain strength and ability in the water long before they regain it on dry land. Hydrotherapy gives them the chance to increase their abilities in 


the water so they can be stronger and more comfortable at home. Sporting dogs can benefit from Hydrotherapy too since they can get an intense workout without over-working their joints.


Want to see Hydrotherapy in action?

Click the link below to visit our YouTube channel where you can see actual patients during their therapy session.