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Wagging Tales from CROC Patients

Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, and Labrador Retriever smiling at camera

Real Patients. Real Recoveries.


I have been bringing my dachshund Dexter to CROC since his spine surgery in 2020. The entire staff here is amazing and I know that he is in the best hands and getting safe exercise and therapy he needs to keep him strong for the long term. I love that they provide all elements of physical therapy in one session. From stretching and massage to obstacle courses and water treadmill they really do it all and I credit them for getting my boy walking and running again after his surgery. Keep up the good work guys!

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I am so grateful for CROC!! I can't say thank you enough for everyone at this facility. My dog Harley came in after her surgery. She wasn't able to put her head up herself neither move any part of her body at the beginning. She could not stand nor walk by herself. We started her session the first week of June. Harley started showing improvement soon after. Harley wasn't able to walk at all for about 3 month, but in July, she started taking some steps. I saw some review that people felt uncomfortable not be able to see the work they do in the back, behind the door, but I do know that CROC really do work so hard for your dog to get better, and Lauryn really cares for your baby. Harley is now walking and running. She still needs to work on some areas but we are so grateful for Lauryn and her team to help us with Harley. I get very emotional because I'm so happy that Harley can go walk and move around herself again.

pit bull smiling at camera


Lauryn and the team at CROC are an amazing group of professionals.  They have been treating my golden retriever, Cisco, for 6 years. Cisco was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia at 1.5 years old. He was limping and had low muscle mass. Today, at 8 years old, Cisco is healthy and has NOT needed orthopedic surgery to date. I believe this is due, in large part, to the determination of the team as well as to the multiple therapies he receives weekly which include hydrotherapy, laser therapy, stretching exercises, massage and lots of love given and received. My trust is in Lauryn and the CROC team. They have demonstrated their competence in Cisco's care over and over through the years. They brought Cisco back to health and I could not be more blessed to know them.

Golden Retriever smiling at camera


What can i say about this place but Awesome!!! At first i was alittle skeptical because i am not a fan of physical therapy for myself. Also i was concerned at first that i couldnt watch what was being done on my 12 1/2 year old dachshund Loki. I know if i did watch what was being done during therapy--i probably would question everything so it is good not to let the owners watch what is going on. My dog went through back surgery and i was concerned he would not walk again....if you met Loki...he has alot of drive to get better.  Loki would not be walking if it wasnt for Blue Pearl and CROC. A little more about Loki -- he was overweight....back problems which are common to dachshunds....large benign tumors....and not doing well. He initally had back surgery and it was important to get him physical therapy so i took him to CROC. He was walking great due to the magic at CROC and myself being discipled to follow his diet and exercise routine. Loki then had his tumors removed and lost 15 lbs. Being lighter, he injured himself chasing lizards...i thought he would need surgery again but in my heart i knew CROC could help him and they did. This place is magical and the staff is very nice. You need to trust this the work by following the treatment really does work. This place is like family to me and my dog cant wait to go there for his water therapy. I was worried at first about cost but it has saved me money from having another surgery on my dog Loki. It is worth every penny. the results are amazing and my little buddy Loki is much better because of CROC.



I am so glad I went here. Attempting to avoid surgery, I came for a consult for my dogs torn CCL. They took great care of my dog, identified her pain and gave her laser therapy. When I came to pick her up, she was clearly happy with the therapy; I've never seen her so relaxed! They gave my all my options and recommendations, which included surgery. I appreciate the transparency for the sake of my dogs health and well-being. My dog left pain free.



My boy is now graduated from CROC! I brought him for therapy after he had an FHO surgery (where they remove part of his femur) because he wasn’t recovering well. He didn’t want to use his leg at all, so he was losing all the muscles there too. Lauryn explained how Rin needed to regain that muscle since that was all that was supporting where the hip joint used to be. I was given homework, things to do with Rin at home in addition to his therapy at CROC. Within the first few visits, I already saw a huge improvement! After 3 months of therapy, I had my dog back, running around like his normal happy self! Thank you for helping my boy!



In December 2021, our dog suddenly became unable to walk. We took her in for an MRI and a work up. No one could figure out why she was suddenly immobile. It was recommended we take her to CROC for therapy. We had very low hope as most days I could barely coax her outside to go potty. And when I could she would end up face planting-it was horrible. I started bringing her in April and it's now June. The progress she has made is astronomical. We are still in awe. It's almost like I have to pinch myself because we never thought she would walk again. The best part is we get to drop her off for her treatments and pick her back up. In the past, the previous place I had taken her to, we (the owner) had to participate in the exercises. That was always very frustrating because it felt the quality of the time spent there was less because your pets cooperate less when you're there. Plus I'm not trained lol so it always felt not as productive! Dropping her off and picking her up has been amazing! I can't say enough good things about this place. If you are even contemplating DO IT-take your pets here! I wholeheartedly know if I had not taken my dog here we probably would have felt we had no option but to put her down. CROC has given me back quality time with my dog and there is just no price on that. You will not regret taking your pets here! My only regret is we didn't bring her here sooner.

German Shepherd wearing and orthopedic brace


These therapists are amazing!!! My large sweet boy who is missing part of his front leg and has a bad back and hips. He was injured and had to be practically carried. I was even told to consider euthanasia. Thank heavens for CROC! He is now pulling ME and goes for walks with his prosthesis. I've stopped crying and enjoy my wonderful gift. As an important addendum to my review, a highly regarded, highly in demand board certified animal orthopedic surgeon recommends CROC. Not so much some other places who have actually undone the work of this amazing surgeon. Again, I highly recommend CROC. If all dog parents were to watch the therapy it would be a circus! The therapy is wonderful and that is all that counts!

German Shepherd missing part of his leg

Meke, Belle, & Polly

Our love of CROC began many years ago with our older Golden Retriever gal, Meke. She had terrible arthritis and was unable to take regular pain medications without getting sick. We felt like we were running out of options to keep our baby girl comfortable and were reluctantly considering euthanasia until we were lucky enough to find Lauryn and her team! With therapy, Meke's pain was vastly improved and we felt like we got our dog back! We ended up getting a few extra years with Meke that we likely wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Since Meke's passing, we've added Belle & Polly to our family. You'd think that such young pups wouldn't need therapy, but these girls were overweight, out of shape, and we were afraid they would hurt themselves. We were more than happy to bring our girls to CROC, knowing that they would be in trusted and skilled hands. They've both lost their excess weight and gained more muscle and stamina! We believe in Lauryn and we believe in CROC, so we continue to bring our girls so they'll stay fit and trim!

Golden Retrievers playing with a tennis ball
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Is Your Dog A CROC Graduate?

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