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Target Exercises

small dog doing balance & proprioception exercise with assistance
Labrador doing balance & proprioception exercise

These exercises are used to increase your dog's ability to stand and walk properly, increase balance & coordination, encourage limb use, and increase strength & stability.

Conscious proprioception is your dog’s ability to know what position or orientation their legs and paws are in while standing or walking. Intact proprioception decreases the likelihood of tripping and falling. Proprioception loss in dogs can lead to dragging of the limb when trying to walk, tripping, decreased coordination, or improper paw placement when stepping. Dogs who have neurological conditions or have had spinal surgery often have conscious proprioception deficits.

Shiba inu on obstacle course designed to challenge balance & proprioception

Activities that challenge your dog’s balance are important for retraining proprioception. Affected limbs will not only grow stronger as weight is placed onto it, but they will also learn to sense what type of surfaces the foot is standing on. Although these exercises may look simple, they are actually quite challenging for your dog. Did you know that these exercises are more effective for your dog's recovery than any other treatment modality?

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