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Best Medicine. Best Prices.

What makes CROC the best? 

Every patient is given a customized Recovery Plan consisting of scientifically proven therapies, provided by Veterinary Medical Professionals. Every session is tailored to your pet's needs and adjusted based on their medical presentation. Your pet will never begin any treatment or exercise without being evaluated by our Licensed Veterinary team members first.

We Are More Than Just Exercise

Dollar for dollar, your pet will get more therapeutic treatments at CROC than any other facility in Orange County and we're proud to offer the highest quality Veterinary Medical Rehabilitation at the most affordable prices! Our Therapy Sessions are offered at a flat rate, but your pet will receive Rehabilitation Therapy structured specifically for them and how they are progressing.

More Medicine For Your Money

Small dog working on balance and stamina

All of our services and pricing are posted on our website for you to see at any time. We're pet parents too and we know the frustration of seeking care for your pet and then getting the shockingly high bill at the end. At CROC, we believe that our patients should get exactly the treatment they need without making our clients pick and choose what services fit their budget. Our patients receive customized, Gold Standard Medical Care at every visit for the same flat price.

No Surprises. Ever.

Baylor the Golden Retriever being measured for a cart

Accidents happen. Many Rehabilitation patients have conditions that affect their ability to control their bladder and bowels. These same patients often greatly benefit from Hydrotherapy. At CROC, our Underwater Treadmill fills with freshly filtered and heated water for every single pet. If a patient can't hold it? The entire batch of water is dumped & replaced and the Underwater Treadmill is disinfected from top to bottom. No shared germs. No poopie swimming pool.

Cleaner Than Any Pool

Labrador Retriever on the obstacle course

Rehabilitation Treatments & Exercises can be extremely beneficial for your dog, in the right hands, but can also cause serious pain and injury without proper education & training. We've helped many patients recover from injuries acquired from the wrong exercise at the wrong time. We've also helped patients recover after they were told there was no hope. We're passionate about what we do, but our medical training is what allows us to do it! Our team has countless hours of Veterinary Medical Experience, including additional Certifications in Physical Rehabilitation and we're part of the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians. Anyone can say they have a passion for animals, but not everyone is willing to undergo the process of education, training, and licensure that we have.

More Than Just "Passion for Animals"

Geriatric Dachshund in the underwater treadmill
Tucker working on the physio peanut
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