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Massage & Stretching

Golden Retriever getting a massage

Massage and stretching is one of the most vital parts of our patients' recovery and often their favorite part. Many of our patients give a sigh of relief and even fall asleep during this part of their rehabilitation. Some even know when to change positions to have their other side massaged. Both massage and stretching have been shown to increase circulation, decrease pain and anxiety, and help the body heal faster. Proper stretching can increase your pets range of motion and flexibility, both of which are very necessary for recovery.

Meke (pictured right) stars in our "How to Massage a Dog" video, which can be found on our Medical Library page.

German Shepherd getting a massage

While they are comfortable and relaxed, we also do Passive Range of Motion (PROM) Exercises which involves moving their joints in any direction. PROM helps maintain mobility of the joints and limits the effects of limited or disuse of the joints.

Not only will your dog get massaged and stretched with every visit at CROC, but we also teach you how to do this at home. Home care is a huge component for your pet's recovery so we want to give our clients every healing tool that we can.

PawPrint Background.png
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