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Every patient heals differently. By utilizing a variety of treatment modalities that are clinically proven to be safe and effective, C.R.O.C. tailors each therapy session specifically to your dog's needs.

Watch Harley's Rehab journey to see how CROC used multiple treatment modalities to help her reach maximum recovery after a life changing medical condition rendered her completely paralyzed.

Modalities Available at CROC

Click on a Modality to learn how it is used to heal our patients

Flat Fee Structure - Customized Medical Therapy

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Our patients often require different modalities as they progress through therapy. Charging for each individual modality makes budgeting for treatment an unnecessary guessing game for pet owners and can prevent pets from getting the treatment they need.

That's why CROC uses a flat fee structure and proudly offers the most affordable prices in Orange County while still maintaining Gold Standard Physical Rehabilitation. Your pet's therapy will cost the same amount at every visit, even if your pet needs a different combination of modalities each time. 

Your pet gets treatment perfectly tailored to them and you get to avoid the dreaded vet bill guessing game!

Your pet's optimal recovery is our goal.

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