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Our Facility

CROC Lobby

Located in central Orange County, CROC strives to restore quality of life to your geriatric, injured, overweight, neurological, or otherwise compromised pup through physical therapy.


Designed to offer state of the art veterinary medical rehabilitation therapy without the stress and fears many patients have associated with veterinary clinic visits. Our facility is cage-free and our patients rest on orthopedic foam beds.

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Our caring team of Licensed Veterinary Medical Professionals helps dogs feel stronger, move better, and be safer. Our goals are to relieve pain, restore range of motion, improve function, prevent injuries, and expand the physical potential of every patient we treat.


In 2020, we upgraded to a larger building in Santa Ana where we are now outfitted with underwater treadmills, therapeutic laser, therapeutic ultrasound, pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy, electrostimulation, as well as a full obstacle course for balance and propioception exercises. 

We customize each therapy session for each patient's needs and abilities, using a multi-modal approach to provide the ultimate animal wellness experience with hands-on attention, positive reinforcement, and a mellow, calming atmosphere. 


CROC was established in 2017, though it originally began as Vet's House Rehabilitation in 2014.

PawPrint Background.png
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