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Heal. Hug. Help.

Pain management and longevity of life is essential.

CROC is open and fully operational. Please be mindful of the safety protocols we have put in place for our two-legged staff members, pup patients and clients. 

  • Our lobby is now open!

  • We ask that unvaccinated clients still wear a mask inside our facility. Otherwise, masks are no longer required. Yay!

  • Our lobby is limited to 3 humans at a time. If you open the door to find that our lobby is at capacity, please wait outside until a spot opens up. If your dog is excitable or doesn't like other dogs, we ask that you please wait outside since our lobby doesn't have much space to keep pups separate.

  • Make sure your pup has had a chance to visit the grass potty area (not the flowers/planters please) out front before bringing them inside for their appointment.

  • Like always, remember that our facility, both inside and out, is not for doggie socialization. Please keep your dog leashed, preferably harnessed, and at your side. 

  • Do be careful when entering/exiting our facility as there is always a chance that another dog is right on the other side of the door.

  • Human interactions will still be brief, but we definitely want to know about any changes in your dog's health or medications and we will be sure to share any significant updates with you as well.

  • We are now asking that you please bring 2 towels per pet for each appointment. Larger/furrier pups may need extra!

  • If you are unsure about any of the above, feel free to ask :) We are so excited to see everyone's faces after the rough year we've all had. Here's to returning to some normalcy!

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